Never judge a book by its cover – or a wine by its label!

When choosing which bottle of wine to buy from a shop or supermarket most of us do at least one of the following things:

  1. Look and see if a bottle jumps out at us and says “I’m pretty buy me”
  2. Look for gaps in the shelf to see what other people have bought.
  3. See if we recognise a grape/country/region that we have tried before and liked.
  4. See what fits into our price range.
  5. See what is on “OFFER (even though we know very well that some unscrupulous people will artificially overprice an item and then reduce it just so it looks like we are saving £££’s)
The problem with some if not all of these methods is that they are not telling you what it will taste like.
I know we buy wine for many different reasons –
To drink and enjoy!
To impress a girl/boy – your new boss – Great Uncle Henry who is rewriting his will – Aunt Maud (who you know will add lemonade to it anyway)
To fill a wine rack so people don’t think you have just drunk everything in it.
However, to my mind one of the best ways to buy wine is through an independent merchant. The chances are that they have tasted the wine – (after all they bought it) and they want you to return time and time again so it is in their interest to make sure you get a wine you will enjoy, or that will ensure you get laid (actually no merchant is that good!) or will convince Great Uncle Henry to leave you vast amounts of money in his will. (Any wine will do for Aunt Maud) and by the way if you tell a merchant you need him or her to fill a wine rack or cellar they will be very friendly and helpful.
Just looking at a bottle will not satisfy all your needs/wants/desires.
Talk to us! and at Ben’s Wine Shop in Oakham

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