A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved.

A problem shared is a problem halved; OR as I prefer to say A Bottle Shared is a Bottle Halved!!! But in a worse case scenario a bottle opened at a dinner party of 4 means you only get one glass of that very expensive wine you have been saving for a special occasion to yourself! I have no problem opening something wondrous for any of my friends and family (except Aunt Maud of course) but if you know that person will not appreciate a nice glass of wine then why open the bottle just to get one small glassful.

There are a couple of wines I sell at Bat and Bottle that I tell my customer ‘This is not a wine for sharing‘ and I don’t mean sit in a dark corner and drink it by yourself – but I mean share it with someone who will enjoy/love/appreciate it as much as you do – and then you may only get a couple of glasses out of the bottle but you know that your friend/lover/Great Uncle Henry will reciprocate one fine day and open and share an equally divine bottle of wine (or leave you vast amounts of money!)

So a bottle may be halved by sharing but it could solve at least half your problems (Especially if Great uncle Henry pegs out soon) Problems and wine need to be talked about

So Talk

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