To Need, To Want, or To Desire???? That is the question.

When I call someone up for an order I often say,”Is there anything you need?” maybe I should ask, “Is there anything you need? want? desire?” as the definitions of the three are quite similar yet incredibly different.

I turned to the internet for my definitions. (of course)


  1. A condition or situation in which something is required or wanted. (Uncle Henry’s Millions)
  2. Something required or wanted a requisite. (A great bottle of wine.)
  3. Necessity; obligation. (You are always my favourite wine merchant.)
  4. A condition of poverty or misfortune. (Sorry not this month)
  1. To feel a need or longing for. (My Mother has moved in, what have you got with HIGH alcohol… any Grappa??)
  2. To wish, need, or desire something or to do something. (Having a party – got anything cheap?)
  3. To be lacking or deficient in something necessary or desirable. (Thank god you called my wine rack is nearly empty!)
  4. To feel the absence of. (We have not got a single bottle of Rose in the house!)
  5. To fall short by. (Aunt Maud came by and I had to mix one of your good wines with lemonade!)
  6. To have need or require, of something or to do something. (My wife’s 50th Birthday. I Need something special for her.)
  7. To be destitute. (Sorry not a space for a bottle of wine.)
  8. To seek or request the presence of. (Yes! would like some of your lovely wine in my wine rack!)
  9. To be absent. (Off to the house in France/Spain/Portugal for the next two months… call me in September!!!!!!!!)
  10. Should or ought to do something. (Have you got anything I would like?)
  11. Wish to be included in a venture. (Do you have any of the ‘Tuscan Case’ Left?)
  1. To wish or long for; want. (Do you have any of that lovely fizz from last time… it was soooo nice)
  2. To express a wish for; request. (I want some red and some white and some rose and some fizz can you help?)
  3. A wish or longing. (Can you make me feel like I am seventeen again???)
  4. A request or petition. (Makes sure it is here by Monday)
  5. The object of longing. (Does Johnny Depp come in a bottle?)
  6. Sexual appetite, passion. (Does Johnny Depp come in a bottle?)
So what should I ask.. do you Want wine, do you  Need wine or do you Desire wine… the choice is yours!!!!
Talk to me…
You can find me on Facebook or at Bat and Bottle and every other Saturday at Ben’s wine Shop in Oakham


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