Ciu Ciu (choo choo) arrive in Oakham

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be the UK representative of an Italian Trade Mission to Vin Italy. (Which basically means I went to Verona and tasted hundreds of wines in a short space of time.) There were some good and bad points to this visit.


  1. I got to visit Verona. (A glorious city with a balcony that some fictional characters once snogged on.)
  2. I got to taste hundreds of wines.
  3. I met some wonderful people from all over the world with a common interest – Good Italian Wines.
  4. I got to taste hundreds of wines. (That one is worth repeating.)
  1. Not all the wines I tasted were good. (Generally about 1 in 20 were good and about 1 in 100 were great.)
  2. My teeth, tongue and lips were black from tasting so many red wines.
  3. I was filmed spitting into a spittoon. (I would have swallowed the wine but it did not fall into the category of good or great… so I spat it out on camera!)
  4. I had to sit face to face with producers who totally believed in their product and tell them it was nice or interesting, but not quite what I am looking for… (all the time trying not to hurt their feelings or insult their wine even though it was only good enough for Tesco.)
However on this particular trip (which was so much fun) I did meet ‘Ciu Ciu’. They are organic wine producers from the Marche region of Italy and it was a breath of fresh air tasting their wines. I asked Ben to taste the wine and he loved it too. The whites stood out as being vibrant, fresh and invigorating and the reds as warm, seductive and inviting.
Ciu CiuFinally they have arrived in Oakham. The Bacchus was opened in Ben’s Wine Shop on Friday and Saturday and went down very well. It was full of forest fruit and has a rich and vibrant finish. 
You can be among the first to try these wines, just give me a call I will get a case out to you….
I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Alex the Wine Lady
Facebook Page    Telephone 07544 750273
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