One Man’s Meat (or Wine) is Another Man’s Poison.

How often have we heard someone say “This wine is really good, you should try it”? and all the time you are thinking, ‘last time he said that, the wine tasted like vinegar!’

There are of course some people’s advice that we are happy to take; if, for example, I need stocks and shares advice I would turn to the very, very wealthy Great Uncle Henry, however I would never ask his advice on childcare (it’s a long story involving a machete , bubblegum and a toddler and I wont bore you with it here). 

Most of us know who to turn to when we want certain things, we all have our list of  ‘phone a friend’ in case we manage to get on a TV show with Chris Tarrant.

Just because one person thinks something is wonderful, does not mean we will all like it. I was told once that oysters were delicious! I have to disagree. To you they may be but even the thought of eating one now makes me want to vomit. If, however, someone says “I know you love Italian Food, you should try this new Italian Bistro in the High Street’  then I would probably give it a go. Comparative recommendations instil a little more trust I think, It can also show that you know the person’s likes and dislikes.

If you would like some superb wines that will suit your individual palate and not Aunt Maud’s (we all know she hasn’t got one!) then I will try to recommend something wonderful for you. Give me a call, visit me at Ben’s Wine Shop or email me, but which ever way you do it:

Talk To Me!

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