Lost Voice = Lost Sales??

A lost voice for a person who sells wine over the telephone really does equal lost sales. My husband however has found my ailment highly amusing and keeps trying to get me to talk dirty to him over the phone because my voice has gone through various stages from falsetto to guttural. (I think it was the guttural he enjoyed most!)

I have spent a whole week unable to make a phone call… even now I am a little squeaky! If I have failed to call you and you were expecting a call then I will get round to you soon. (You can always call me and take the mickey!)

There are various illnesses that impede some jobs and not others and a second list of some jobs are enhanced by certain illnesses… please add to the list if you think there are any more you can think of.

An illness that impedes.

  1. A telesales girl (or boy) losing their voice
  2. A lone worker with a tummy upset
  3. A mountaineer with vertigo
  4. A banker with a concience (That’s not really an illness but hay ho)
  5. A dentist with Odontophobia (Scared of teeth)
  6. Chimney sweep with asthma
  7. Brain surgeon with hic-ups
  8. A sign writer with dyslexia
 An illness that helps!
  1. A pirate with an amputation
  2. A sewage operative with anosmia 
  3. A female circus performer with a beard
  4. A night watchman (or woman) with insomnia
  5. A cleaning lady (or man) with OCD

I am sure you can think of some more

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